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  • The new series of multi-touch HMI tablet products are now available

    The new series of multi-touch HMI tablet products are now available

         Neway announces the launch of NX2150, which is a new type of tablet PC product series developed for the Internet of Things market, with powerful and flexible multi-touch HMI. Their product manager Kevin Chou said that the new panel pc provides a rich portfolio of touch screen or fanless tabl...
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  • Mobile phone “face recognition” was broken by a mask? Our privacy becomes transparent again

    Face recognition” has become popular in recent years. You can “swipe your face” to pay when you go shopping, you can “swipe your face” to unlock when you enter the community, and you can “swipe your face” to check in at work… Solving many things in ...
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  • The Latest Sharing of the Global Industrial Display System Market Overview

    Industrial displays that describe display devices are output devices used to present information in a visual form. It consists of a flat or curved panel display that emits reflectors to produce a color image on the screen. The image reflected on the screen consists of a large number of small pixe...
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  • 7 inch High Brightness 1800nits Camera Monitor

    7 inch High Brightness 1800nits Camera Monitor

           Neway has announced a new 7 inch high-brightness displays. The brightness range of these new HDR 4K field monitors is 1800 nits.        Today I would like to share you the test feeling.        We provide you with a monitor, a carrying case, an instruction manual, a cold shoe monitor stan...
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  • Industrial Computers

    Industrial Computers

             When it comes to industrial control computers, everyone’s first reaction is what an industrial control computer is? What are its advantages?     Without precise design, it is not regarded as industrial control; without precise delivery, it is not regarded as industrial control; without...
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  • Definition and characteristics of Android industrial tablet

    Definition and characteristics of Android industrial tablet

    The Android industrial tablet is another upgraded version of the industrial all-in-one. The traditional industrial tablet uses the windows operating system. However, due to the characteristics and advantages of the Android system, there are many Android industrial tablets on the market, so the An...
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  • What are the mainstream equipment of industrial touch control in modern industry

    With the rapid advance of modern industrial automation and the development of computer technology, communication technology and control technology, the traditional control field is experiencing an unprecedented change, and has begun to develop towards the network direction.The control system stru...
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  • Which industries will use industrial tablets now

    With industrial control products more and more popular, people for industrial control products are more and more blind choice, for the purchase of embedded INDUSTRIAL computer products how to use it correctly?I think most of you don’t know much about it, so let’s talk about how to pro...
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  • The advantages of Android industrial tablet PCs in industrial applications

    With the development of the computer industry, based on the domestic demand for operating systems, whether it is a commercial tablet or an industrial tablet, the Android operating system occupies the market with the largest use base, making various industries also use product-equipped systems dur...
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  • Future development prospect of embedded industrial integrated machine in industrial control field

    Traditional industrial computer has a broad and solid user base, and the system composition flexibility is high, has been familiar with and recognized by the majority of technical personnel.The traditional INDUSTRIAL PC is mainly composed of industrial chassis, passive bottom plate and various bo...
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  • What if there is no image in industrial touch display?

    What if there is no image in industrial touch display?When the industrial display in the process of work, the occurrence of partial color, magnetization or no display fault, what causes?The following small make up smart touch to take you to talk about the following possible reasons.   1. Mag...
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  • Application of intelligent INDUSTRIAL control Computer TPC-1900 in self-check-in gate

    Project background   Urban rail transit as a safe, comfortable, fast, timely, environmental protection of the large capacity passenger transport vehicle has been recognized by everyone.As an indispensable part of urban rail transit integrated automation system, the automatic ticket sale and ...
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