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vehicle-mounted industrial tablet

The vehicle-mounted industrial tablet computer is a vehicle-mounted device based on an intelligent system. It is a typical solution that meets the market demand according to the different customer's environment and possible problems. According to the occasion of use, it can be divided into industrial computers for special vehicles and industrial computers for ordinary civilian vehicles. According to the form, it can be divided into the embedded center console, the support tablet type, and the embedded box type computer. Because the vehicle environment is so special, our production requirements are as follows:
1) On-board equipment is of great importance, and stability and reliability are the most basic requirements for equipment. It is not only related to production efficiency, but even has an impact on personal and property safety. Therefore, there are certain restrictions on the production requirements of the equipment.
2) Company size: wide range of use, fast response service nearby
3) Standardized production experience: need to be extremely stable, and the error rate is controlled at 3‰
4) Stable batch supply: reliable material supply, reliable quality, and reliable time. Affect the feelings of bulk customers.
5) Continuous research and development capabilities: independent research and development, update errors. Both software and hardware can keep up with customers and industry updates.


Post time: Jul-15-2021

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