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Causes and Solutions of Industrial Panel Computer Failures

With the continuous advancement of industrial display technology, the application of industrial panel PCs is becoming more and more extensive. Industrial tablet computers have been used for a long time, and it is normal for some failures to occur, such as slowing down of running speed, frequent jams or crashes. These are not big problems, as long as we find the cause of the failure of the industrial panel PC, it is not difficult to solve.

The slow running speed, stuck machine, and crash of the industrial tablet computer are mainly caused by the following reasons.​​

First, the influencing factors of industrial tablet computer configuration. The running speed of the industrial panel computer has a lot to do with its own configuration. The higher the configuration, the faster the running speed. If the computer configuration is low, the running speed will not be fast, so when using an industrial tablet computer, its configuration cannot keep up, and it will crash. To solve this problem, you can replace the industrial panel PC with a higher configuration, or directly buy a high-configuration industrial panel PC.

2. The system disk capacity of the industrial tablet computer is insufficient. If the system disk capacity of the industrial tablet computer is insufficient, and then run some software, the crash is inevitable. The system disk is the space carrier for the industrial tablet computer system and software programs to run. When the space of the system disk is not enough to run the program, it will crash. Therefore, we need to organize the system disk frequently, clean up system junk files and transfer some non-system files to other storage disks. We usually do not install software programs in the system disk when installing software programs. Installing them in other disks can save a lot of space for the system and avoid crashes caused by insufficient system disk space.

3. Too many programs running on the industrial tablet computer cause malfunctions. When the industrial panel computer runs too many programs, the memory occupied is very high. When more than half of the memory is used, it may crash. This situation is unavoidable and is the most common cause of crashes. In this case, try to reduce unnecessary programs or increase the memory capacity of the industrial panel computer.​​

4. Too many desktop files on the industrial tablet computer lead to failure. When using industrial tablet computers, many people like to put files on the desktop, which is really convenient, but it is limited to a small number of files. And when too many files even cover the entire desktop, you will be dazzled and troublesome to find the files you need. The most important thing is that the desktop files occupy the system disk capacity, which is one of the reasons for the crash of the industrial tablet. Therefore, the desktop files of the industrial tablet computer should often be classified and saved to other disks, so that it is very convenient to find the files you need, and it also alleviates the space problem of the system disk.​​

In addition to the hardware configuration factors, many faults that occur during the use of industrial tablet computers are caused by personal usage habits, and these are completely avoidable, which requires us to have a good habit to use the industrial tablet computers.

Post time: May-09-2022

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