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Analysis of the characteristics and application field of embedded industrial all-in-one PC

Embedded industrial all -in-one PC is a high -performance touch industrial tablet computer in the field of industrial control. It's centered on control and computer technology. Therefore, it is widely recognized and used in the field of industrial applications.

The following is the specific characteristics of embedded industrial all -in-one computer.

1. Embedded industrial all -in-one PC can perfectly compat with various equipment and support many communication protocols.

2. Embedded industrial all -in-one computers are relatively small in size, convenient installation and maintenance, and integrated design to maximize and reasonably use the space to fully consider the spatial utilization rate of external interfaces and embedded installation.

3. The embedded industrial all -in-one computere has the advantages of shockproof, waterproof dust, high and low temperature, anti -electromagnetic interference, etc., is strong, durable, and light weight. The service life also reduces the failure rate.

4. Embedded industrial all -in -one machine stability is better. Many places use such industrial all -in -one machines, which are convenient and fast, and improve work efficiency. Especially when operating some importance work, industrial computers with good stability can be largely large. Help the staff to complete the task smoothly.

The embedded industrial all -in -one computer uses the rich resources of the PC system, such as computing speed, storage space, multimedia, peripheral equipment and large screens to achieve high -level complex human -machine interfaces, thereby realizing human -machine interaction, reducing production costs, increasing production costs, increasing production costs, increasing Productivity.

Embedded industrial all -in -one machines are mainly used in the following major industries.

1. The pharmaceutical industry: With the blessing of the industrial all -in -one machine, enterprises can achieve the construction of the pharmaceutical supply chain information platform, so as to achieve real -time tracking and supervision of drugs in the links of production, distribution and sales.

2. The power industry: To achieve mobile intelligent inspection and inspection functions in the links of power transmission, power transformation, power distribution, etc., to achieve the purpose of lean and closed -loop management, the credit of the industrial all -in -one is indispensable.

3. The logistics industry: A complete modern logistics information system is inseparable from the hardware support of industrial all -in -one machines. It can greatly improve work efficiency, such as code scanning, detection, analysis, automatic packaging and many other links, including logistics and transportation vehicles During the journey, real -time reports and sharing of data such as refueling, payment, and real -time road conditions.

4. Environmental protection supervision industry: This work needs to automatically transmit signals of tens of thousands of signals to the main station, and a large amount of signal, atmospheric data, river information monitoring, etc. need to collect them. Embedded industrial all -in -one Essence

5. The petroleum and petrochemical industry: Industrial all -in -one machines can realize automatic, fast, and accurate reading of the exploration collection and collection stations, and conduct comprehensive networking management to achieve remote monitoring.

The industrial all -in -one tablet is not limited to the application of the above industries, such as the automated production line in the business field and smart factories, but also the industrial all -in -one machine.

Post time: Jan-05-2023

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