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Application analysis of industrial tablets in the upgrade of intelligent factory

Factory digital transformation is necessary for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. With the deepening of intelligent manufacturing, information technology has gradually penetrated into every industrial fields, it indicates that factory demand for industrial computer is increasing.

In intelligent factories, industrial computers are generally used in industrial automation, industrial vision, interactive control and other fields. Through the combination of the Internet, the production facilities used in production can be interconnected, and remote management can be realized through a unified IoT connection management platform. , Replacing manual control, greatly saving manpower and material resources, and improved work efficiency.

At present, industrial computer can be seen everywhere in intelligent factories. Let's introduce some applications of industrial tablets in the upgrading of intelligent factories.

1. Production line transformation. Embedded industrial tablets have powerful I/O functions and human -machine interface functions. They can be responsible for the intelligent kanban in the factory assembly line. Carrier.

2. Digital control. At present, highly automated and intelligent CNC system devices are used in intelligent factories instead of human operations. The human -machine interface based on embedded industrial tablets complete adult -machine interaction control and instruction control.

3. Instrument detection. In the automatic detection of the instrument, through the configuration of an embedded industrial tablet computer to connect to high -precision electronic cameras, the production equipment can be monitored in real time.



Post time: Dec-07-2022

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