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Application of touch display device in smart pharmacy case

Smart pharmacy is an important content of hospital digitization, it is through automation of pharmacy. After the customer presents the prescription, the pharmacist only needs to send the instructions to mobilize the medicine through the computer. In the unmanned storage area, a fully automatic manipulator is commanded by the computer to obtain the medicine, and the medicine is delivered to the medicine taking port through the slide, and the pharmacist takes the medicine from it. Take the medicine by mouth and hand it to the customer, the whole process only takes a few minutes.

What are the characteristics of smart pharmacies?

1) Hot-selling medicine distribution

Optional high-speed dispensing machine can effectively solve the problem of dispensing large amounts of medicines in pharmacies every day

2) Heavy drugs are normally on the machine

Through the unique medicine tank control mechanism, the normal operation of heavy medicines such as oral liquids can be realized, which effectively improves the rate of one-time prescription

3) Fast medicine delivery

Through effective drug data analysis, the drugs on the machine are divided into hot-selling area, common area, normal area, and slow-selling area, effectively reducing the drug transmission time

4) Information management of cargo location

The drug storage location can be entered through the system, and the drug location number can be printed on the allocation list during the second deployment process, which is convenient for pharmacists to dispense drugs.

At present, the pharmacies of many domestic hospitals have undergone intelligent upgrades, which can solve the problem of long queues at the hospitals to receive medicines.

Our smart touch display device has the following features, which can meet the needs of smart pharmacy applications.

panel pc

Using independent research and development motherboard, strong data processing ability,

EMC/EMI level anti-interference standards, adapt to the strong electromagnetic environment of the hospital,

Multi-interface setting, can be connected to other devices, including printers, packers, etc.,

Can be expanded and upgraded, adding a variety of modules, applying fingerprint and face recognition identity

Post time: Oct-28-2021

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