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Application of touch display device in smart warehousing case

In warehousing logistics, the use of more equipment and tools to make warehouse operations more convenient and efficient is now a common scenario in warehousing. Under the background of intelligence, less human or unmanned warehousing has become the main direction for warehousing managers to improve efficiency and save costs. Under the operation of the system, the automated equipment in the warehouse completes unloading, transportation, stacking and other tasks on its own, involving remote control, information transmission, data processing, etc.
At present, China's warehousing development is in the automation stage, applying advanced logistics equipment such as AGVs, automatic shelves, automatic access robots, automatic identification and automatic sorting systems, and real-time control and management through information technology.

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As the control center and connection node in the smart warehouse, the smart touch device is an important part of the smart warehouse. It is interdependent with the management system. At the same time, it needs to have functions such as job task query, cargo scan registration, cargo information processing and transmission, and match the specific operations of different equipment.

In different application scenarios such as AGVs, automatic shelves, automatic storage robots, and automatic sorting systems, smart touch devices are required to meet the following characteristics:

1. Long-term stable operation,

2. Efficient processing capacity, low power consumption, effective heat dissipation

3. Support wireless communication

4. Anti-vibration, anti-shock and anti-fall design

5. Flexible installation

Post time: Oct-20-2021

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