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Common reasons for the bad point of industrial display screens

The core device of the industrial display is the LCD screen, which accounts for 70 % to 80 % of the total product production cost, which shows its importance. When we buy industrial monitors, we are most concerned about the quality problem of LCD screens. A hard -quality LCD screen can make industrial displays play a colorful picture, and the customer's visual experience will be better.

The bad point is one of the quality issues that affect the visual experience of industrial display, and the bad points include highlights and dark points. Then when we buy industrial monitors, we must avoid choosing products with these two problems. The following are common reasons for the bad points of industrial display screens in order to help everyone use better in the process of using industrial monitors.

Under normal circumstances, the quality of the LCD screen of industrial display cannot be seen. Regardless of the functional industrial display, the quality of the LCD screen is an inseparable topic, and its cost accounts for 70 % to 80 % of the cost of the whole machine. It is difficult to not pay attention to it. Consumers are more cautious about the bad point of the LCD screen. Usually, consumers will carefully observe whether there are highlights and dark points on the screen before buying. This is a good habit. When choosing a LCD screen, you must adjust the screen into full green and all blue. Many consumers like to find dark spots when they are white screens. When black screens are looking for highlights, although this approach is correct, it is laborious and laborious to find it. Visual vision is good. Here I give you a tip of it: find dark spots during the full green screen, and look for highlights when you have a bright spot or dark point. It is very easy to see. If there is no highlight or dark point when choosing, almost all consumers put this problem aside. This is a very wrong approach, the reason is the following two points.

First, the highlights and dark points on the liquid crystal panel will not only occur during the manufacturing process, but also may also appear during use. And once the bad point appears, it cannot be repaired, and only the entire display can solve the problem.

Second, the "uncertainties" during transportation. When we buy, there is no problem with the inspection of the industrial display, but there is no problem that the product you get it. Why? Because the product has an uncertain factors during the transportation process, such as the logistics staff is loading the car in the loading car. During the process, the mutual collision and squeezing of the product during the transportation process will cause harm to the LCD screen of the industrial display, and it is easy to cause the so -called bad point.

For the bad points of the LCD screen, there are still no relevant laws and regulations, and the industry has an unwritten rule. LCD panels are less than 3 (including 3) highlights and bad points. People cannot replace the product on this reason. In this case, there is no support for relevant regulations, even if there is such a problem. Merchants do have the right to reject consumers' "unreasonable" requirements.

For consumers, I hope that the products they buy are flawless, so it is best to reach a bad issue and the merchant to reach an agreement before paying. Package the selected products, load the car until the transport to the specified place, and do not give the merchant any opportunity.

Post time: Nov-15-2022

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