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Five considerations for the purchase of outdoor industrial displays Neway

With the continuous progress of society, the application of industrial displays is becoming more and more extensive. Industrial displays are used in indoor and outdoor environments. Outdoor industrial displays, as the name suggests, are industrial-grade displays used in outdoor environments, including full open air and sometimes semi-open air environments. For example, displays on products such as outdoor advertisements, charging piles, express cabinets, etc. are all used in outdoor environments.

What problems do we need to pay attention to when purchasing outdoor industrial displays? Neway Industrial will take you to find out. The following are the specific precautions to share.

1. Consider the display brightness of outdoor high-brightness industrial displays. Outdoor industrial displays have high requirements on brightness. If the brand manufacturer is improperly selected, the display effect of the display will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a powerful outdoor high-brightness display manufacturer, change the backlight for brightening, and try to ensure the quality of the outdoor display.

2. With a high-brightness industrial display, you need to find an outdoor waterproof and dustproof casing. This casing is also learned. The first one has a requirement on thickness. While ensuring that the screen can be installed, a serious issue must also be considered, that is, the problem of heat dissipation. The second consideration is that the casing is waterproof and dustproof. According to the region, acid rain corrosion resistance should also be considered. The materials used are different depending on the requirements.

Third, the problem of heat dissipation. It is estimated that the heat dissipation problem of outdoor high-brightness industrial displays is a headache for many customers. Outdoor industrial displays must meet different high and low temperature environments, and can automatically sense the temperature to ensure that the internal temperature of the machine is within the normal working range. All industrial monitors can run normally without a black screen.

Fourth, aging and safety issues. Any machine safety is a very important issue. All the assembly of a good outdoor industrial display must be tested, passed the waterproof test and high temperature aging, low temperature aging, simulated sunlight test. No matter what season and region, it is not afraid of the sun, not easy to age, and of good quality.

5. Outdoor lightning protection. The outdoor industrial display must be installed with lightning protection device, and the outdoor display screen and shell should be well grounded to ensure the safe use of the display.

Post time: Apr-20-2022

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