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How to select industrial all-in-one machine in the field of industrial control

In the field of industrial control, a common kind of equipment belongs to industrial touch display equipment. Industrial touch display equipment is also called industrial all-in-one PC in industrial automation production. Compared with ordinary commercial all-in-one PC, industrial all-in-one PC needs to adapt to more complex industrial environmental work, such as strong electromagnetic interference, dust-proof and waterproof, anti-collision, flameproof and explosion-proof.

The industrial all-in-one computer is a market product of innovation between desktop computers and laptops at present. It is a new type of industrial all-in-one computer that integrates the industrial host part and the industrial display part. The innovation of this product lies in the high integration of internal components.

With the development of wireless technology, the keyboard, mouse and industrial display of the industrial all-in-one machine can be connected wirelessly. The all-in-one machine has only one power cord. This has solved the problem of too many and miscellaneous cables for desktop computers, which has always been criticized. In the current and future markets, as the share of desktops gradually decreases, and after encountering the impact of all-in-one computers, laptops and netbooks, it will definitely become more precarious. The advantages of the industrial all-in-one machine have also been accepted by people and become a highlight of their choice.

With the development of computers today, traditional desktop computers are increasingly unable to adapt to new market demands, especially in industrial scenarios. In the industrial all-in-one machine market, not only the price, but also the hardware configuration and design concept of the equipment. People choose the industrial all-in-one machine based on the following three characteristics.

1. The appearance is fashionable, thin and exquisite. The highly integrated design, simple and fashionable, and colorful appearance show the refined life taste of users!

2. The industrial all-in-one computer is more space saving than the general desktop computer. The industrial all-in-one PC is a machine that combines the industrial host with the LCD industrial display and speaker. It places the hardware of the industrial host behind the LCD industrial display and compresses it as much as possible. At the same time, it also has a built-in speaker to make its volume as small as possible, so that users can save a lot of space for placing equipment. This is of great significance to urban users of "land is money".

3. The current price of industrial all-in-one machine is moderate. The integration of industrial all-in-one machine is high. Many people think that its price will be expensive, but it is not. The price of industrial all-in-one computers is similar to that of our commercial all-in-one computers. They are moderate, not too high, and the customer's acceptance is high.

Post time: Nov-10-2022

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