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Industrial tablet computer all-in-one has many advantages in industrial production applications

When it comes to industrial production, everyone must be familiar with it. You can also think of how the workshop assembly line works. The workers stand next to the assembly line and repeat one thing. With the development of industrial automation, the manual operation of the assembly line is gradually replaced by intelligent equipment, which not only reduces the number of staff, but also greatly improves the production efficiency, all of which are inseparable from the support of the industrial tablet computer all-in-one.

Industrial automation solutions can greatly reduce the development and management expenses incurred by the complex deployment of IoT systems in factories. In addition to improving production efficiency and flexibility by simplifying the collection, processing and display of production data, it also provides real-time monitoring of production machines. status and energy consumption of equipment, lighting, and air conditioning equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing plant operating costs.​​
The core applications and advantages of the industrial tablet PC all-in-one machine are mainly reflected in the following four aspects.​​

1. Data analysis: real-time data processing and analysis, to prevent the occurrence of power generation system collapse, to ensure that production efficiency is maintained in a better state, and to reduce labor, material and energy costs.​​
2. Monitoring and control: Redundant network settings ensure 24-hour uninterrupted remote monitoring and control in the terminal environment.​​
3. Data visualization: Display important production data in real time with rich human-machine interface and friendly format, improve the production efficiency of the factory assembly line and optimize the process on the production line.​​
4. Data collection: Through the rich I/O interface selection of the industrial tablet computer, important data can be collected from manufacturing equipment, air conditioning equipment, heating systems, lighting materials and sensors.​​
Our common industrial panel PCs are all fanless cooling operating systems, some are designed with large-area aluminum fins or copper fins, and some are designed with cooling holes. In terms of performance, industrial tablet computers generally use low-power CPUs. For example, Atom series, Celeron series and Pentium series, of course, some industrial tablet PCs will also use high-performance CPU, such as I3/I5/I7 of Core Duo system. However, the power consumption of these processors is generally within 10W-25W. In terms of function, industrial tablet PCs have the characteristics of dustproof, shockproof, pressure resistance, moistureproof, waterproof, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and easy expansion of various slots. In terms of CPU, memory and display, they can be customized and optimized according to customer requirements. I/O richness and modifiability can widely meet the needs of different customers.​​
Our common industrial tablet computers are used in industrial automation, machine vision, MES storage systems, robots, etc. In the industry, there are control sites, medical instruments, environmental protection monitoring, road and bridge control toll systems, communication security, building monitoring and security, voice Call center, queuing machine, POS counter cash register, CNC machine tool, fuel dispenser, intelligent traffic control system, financial information processing, petrochemical data acquisition and processing, geophysical exploration, field portable operation, environmental protection, military industry, electric power, railway, aerospace, highway, Subway, smart buildings, outdoor advertising, etc.​​
Nowadays, industrial development is very fast, and technology is constantly being upgraded. A series of programs such as control, detection, skip reading, optimization, management and decision-making in the industrial production process can be implanted into intelligent industrial tablet computers. Simple operation, convenient use and higher efficiency.

Post time: May-11-2022

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