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Intelligent TPC-1900 INDUSTRIAL control computer assisted the intelligent logistics sorting system

  • Intelligent TPC-1900 INDUSTRIAL control computer assisted the intelligent logistics sorting system

  • In order to continuously try to reduce manpower input, logistics industries in developed countries are trying to improve storage efficiency and develop new projects.In China, SF, JD, Amazon, Ali and others have also taken measures to realize the strategic layout of “ARTIFICIAL intelligence + express”.Automatic intelligent logistics sorting equipment can save 50% of labor cost and 3 times or more of time cost.


    The direct obvious advantage of mechanized production is that it will greatly improve the efficiency in the production process, and the use of machine sorting, scanning and warehousing will greatly reduce manpower input.In a complete automated logistics warehousing system, the sorting system is the key core of logistics automation.




    The automatic sorting system is generally composed of a control device, a sorting device, a conveying device and a sorting crossing


    1. The function of the control device is to recognize, receive and process the sorting signal, indicate the sorting device according to the requirements of the sorting signal, and automatically classify the goods according to the type of goods, the place of delivery or the category of the owner.These requirements can be sorting through different ways, such as by scanning the barcode scanning, color code, keyboard input, weight detection, voice recognition, height and shape recognition methods such as input to the sorting control system, according to the sorting signal judgment, to decide the into a commodity which sorting crossings.


    2. The function of the sorting device is to change the running direction of the conveying device into other conveyors or enter the sorting gate when commodities with the same sorting signal pass through the device according to the sorting instruction given by the control device.There are many kinds of sorting devices, including push-out type, surfacing type, tilting type and branching type. Different devices have different requirements on the packaging materials, packaging weight, and the smoothness of the bottom of the packaging.


    3. The main component of the conveying device is the conveyor belt or conveyor, whose main function is to make the goods to be sorted through the control device and the sorting device, and the two sides of the conveying device should be connected with a number of sorting crossings, so that the sorted goods slide down the main conveyor (or the main conveyor belt) for subsequent operations.


    4, sorting crossings are the sorting of goods from the main conveyor (or main conveyor belt) into the cargo area of the channel, generally composed of steel belt, belt, roller and so on ways, taking the goods from the main conveying equipment into goods collection platform, where the staff will be the crossing or warehouse storage after a concentration of all the goods, or the latest loading and distribution operations.


    The above four devices are connected together by computer network and constitute a complete automatic sorting system with manual control and corresponding manual processing links.


    The automatic sorting system can continuously and in large quantities of goods, which is not limited by climate, time, human strength and so on. It can run continuously, greatly improving work efficiency and logistics cost.Besides hardware support, such a powerful logistics sorting system also needs embedded IPC hardware products with strong performance, strong durability, good stability and high precision to help the whole logistics sorting system.

Post time: Jul-02-2020

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