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Intelligent wisdom teaching solution

In the current teaching process, there are many problems in the traditional sign-in link, question confirmation link, question interactive link, and classroom quiz. Traditional teaching methods are no longer suitable for the needs of modern teaching. Imaginative intelligence is based on the Internet of Things technology, and it is a new type of modern smart classroom system that integrates campus smart teaching, personnel attendance, asset management, environmental wisdom adjustment, video monitoring and remote control. The program has brought new opportunities to the education industry.

1. Teaching system-touch electronic whiteboard integrated machine:

An electronic whiteboard touch all-in-one machine developed based on the characteristics of the teaching system. Its functions include: electronic teaching, power amplifier, speaker, wireless microphone, pickup, question answering device, supporting control and other software components. Use the touch projector with built-in electronic whiteboard function instead of traditional blackboard teaching to achieve dust-free teaching and protect the health of teachers and students. You can operate the computer on the projection screen and configure a question and answer device on each table to realize the teacher-student room. Better interactive classroom teaching.


2. LED display system-information reading display

In order to meet the needs of many students on campus to see the information screen content at any angle of view, we have developed a wide-angle LED display; and can automatically change the screen brightness of the display according to different environments, so that it can be read clearly in any environment Obtain notification information; the display system can publish and display information such as school schedules, important notifications, course names in class, teachers in class, class to class rate, environmental data collected by sensors, etc.


3. Personnel time and attendance system-intelligent access control face recognition all-in-one machine

Touching Intelligence In order to realize the school’s accurate statistical supervision of students, it has developed a complete attendance system consisting of an attendance machine, attendance card and supporting control software. Install an attendance machine at the entrance of the campus, use tags to perform attendance statistics on students, perform face recognition identity verification on personnel entering the campus, perform attendance statistics on legitimate users, and alert illegal users. At the same time, it is conceivable that the intelligently developed attendance machine can be wirelessly covered via WiFi, and remotely monitor attendance, statistics, and archive printing.


4. Campus video surveillance-monitor system monitor

The campus monitoring system developed by Smart Touch is composed of WiFi wireless cameras and supporting monitoring software. Video surveillance can provide query basis for security systems, asset storage, personnel access. Install a WiFi wireless camera at the front and back of the classroom to monitor personnel access and asset storage, and install a WiFi wireless camera in the classroom to monitor the real-time situation in the classroom. Real-time monitoring data.


Smart classrooms are a form of digital classrooms and future classrooms. Smart classrooms use modern means to cut into the entire teaching process, making the classroom simple, efficient, and intelligent. A new form of education helps develop students’ independent thinking and learning abilities.

Post time: Apr-13-2020

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