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Introduction and application analysis of software system of industrial touch machine

The software system of the industrial touch machine mainly includes system software, industrial control application software and application software development environment. System software is the basis of the other two software, which will affect the quality of system software design. The industrial control application software of the industrial touch all-in-one machine is mainly designed according to the needs of industrial control and management of users, with strong specificity.

At present, the industrial all-in-one machine is more and more widely used in the industrial control field, not only in the industrial control field, but also in the smart city, medical, finance, education, commerce and other fields. Next, Touch Smart introduces the characteristics of the software system of the industrial touch all-in-one machine.

1、 Network integration. This is determined by the trend of industrial process control and management.

2、 Real time. One of the main characteristics of industrial production process is real-time, so industrial control software system is required to have strong real-time.

3、 Openness. This is an important index in modern control system and engineering design. Openness is conducive to the interconnection and compatibility of various systems, and it is conducive to the formation and realization of industrial ideas integrating design, establishment and application. In order to make the system open, open architecture, industrial software and software environment must be selected.

4、 Multitasking and multithreading. The industrial object faced by many modern control software is no longer a single task, single thread, but a complex multi task system. Therefore, how to effectively control and manage such a system is still the main research object of industrial control software. In order to meet this requirement, the industrial control software, especially the underlying industrial control system software, must have this feature, such as the research and application of multi task operating systems. From the basic composition of the industrial control software, it can be roughly divided into three layers, namely, the real-time operating system layer, the control management layer and the application layer, and the real-time operating system layer is the basis of other system layers.

The hardware of the industrial touch all-in-one machine constitutes the equipment foundation of the industrial control system. To truly realize the computer control of the production process, the corresponding computer software must be provided for the hardware to realize the control task. Software is the program system of the industrial touch machine, which can be divided into system software, tool software, application software, etc.

①. System software: used to manage the resources of the industrial touch all-in-one machine and provide services to users in a simple form. It includes real-time multitask operating system, boot program and scheduling execution program. In addition to real-time multitasking operating systems, MS-DOS is also often used, especially Windows software.

②. Tool software: it is the auxiliary software for technicians to engage in software development, including assembly language, high-level language, compiler, editor, debugger, diagnostic program and other process input and output programs.

③. Application software: application software is a control and management program prepared by system designers for a certain production process. It usually includes process control program, human-computer interface program, print and display program and common subprogram.

With the development of hardware technology, computer control system also puts forward higher requirements for software. Only when the software and hardware cooperate with each other can we give full play to the advantages of computers and develop computer control systems with higher performance and higher cost performance.


Post time: Nov-08-2022

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