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Mobile phone “face recognition” was broken by a mask? Our privacy becomes transparent again

Face recognition" has become popular in recent years. You can "swipe your face" to pay when you go shopping, you can "swipe your face" to unlock when you enter the community, and you can "swipe your face" to check in at work... Solving many things in life is really convenient.
However, there has been a big problem with "face recognition" recently. It is said that some time ago, a scientific researcher did a field test to perform "face recognition" on the phone by using a mask instead of a face, and as a result, the phone was successfully unlocked.
Is it possible to unlock the phone with a mask? Can we use face recognition with confidence?
The reason why it is shocking is mainly because it is very simple to make a face mask now, and it only needs to use a 3D printer. And when unlocking, ensure that the angle and color temperature of the mask are basically the same as that of the human face to achieve the purpose of unlocking. In this way, once our personal information is obtained by some criminals, there will be a very big risk.
Face recognition technology has advantages and disadvantages. For the disadvantages, our relevant technology research and development department also needs to solve these problems in a timely manner through the upgrade of recognition technology and recognition methods. In addition, face recognition is actually very useful in most cases.
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For example, the company sets up face recognition to check in, which can reduce the time wasted when checking in at work; face recognition is set up in the community, even if we forget to take the key or access card, we can go home quickly without any delay. Even after new energy vehicles have gradually become our mainstream means of transportation, outdoor smart charging piles with facial recognition have gradually come onto the stage.
However, putting face recognition outdoors is not an easy task. Since the outdoor environment is not like indoors, humidity, light and electromagnetic interference are common, which places higher requirements on the equipment itself. And outdoors, these devices also need to be resistant to falling, abrasion, and impact, so as to prevent damage.

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So what kind of "face recognition" equipment can meet these requirements? This has to mention industrial equipment. In addition to the face recognition equipment that users can often see, in fact, in industrial production and other places, face recognition technology has also developed into many industrial-grade equipment.
Industrial grade means that these devices are developed under high standards and are only produced after rigorous testing. We take the smart all-in-one machine as an example. Their equipment is independently developed and produced. The whole machine is explosion-proof, dust-proof and waterproof, adapts to multiple environments, has high stability and reliability, and fully meets the harsh outdoor requirements. Environmental requirements.

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We grew up in an age full of opportunities and challenges. "Face recognition" technology has been sown in various fields and is widely used, which also makes our lives more convenient. Of course, we also need companies like Tangxiang Intelligence to accelerate the construction of intelligent roads with the strength of independent innovation to create a smart and convenient urban life.

It is precisely because of the rapid development of technology that the new era of intelligence is rapidly approaching us. New life and new vision are all worth waiting for!

Post time: Nov-18-2020

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