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Multiple advantages of all-in-one computer

In the field of industrial control, intelligent control devices are widely used. Whether it is system application or specific device control, industrial intelligent control terminals are indispensable. In the tide of digitalization, enterprises in various fields have carried out digital transformation, intelligent factory, production line upgrading, automation equipment control application, etc. Industrial intelligent control terminals have also received more attention.

When purchasing an industrial all-in-one machine, what are the key points we need to pay attention to and the relevant configurations.

Different from the common computer application equipment in life, people are more concerned about CPU, video card, memory, resolution, etc. Industrial all-in-one machine is mainly used for industrial control, stability, long running, adapting to complex environment, touch mode, interface design, etc. will become the focus.

Whether it is moistureproof, antifouling and dust-proof, not only the machine body needs to have these characteristics, but also the boards and cards need to meet the requirements, so that the all-in-one machine can still operate stably without interference in the humid, greasy and dusty environment. As a central control device, the stable operation of the all-in-one machine is crucial to the operation of the equipment system.

Whether it has a wide voltage and anti surge design, or is it similar to the conventional computer? As long as the civil computer complies with 220V, the voltage will only be low due to too many electrical appliances. However, in the industrial environment, the voltage is often unstable. The wide voltage and anti surge design is designed to deal with this situation. Even if the voltage is unstable, the industrial all-in-one machine can still operate stably.

When consulting the industrial all-in-one machine, the selection of touch mode is often asked. Now, resistance and capacitance touch are more popular. In the industrial environment, resistance touch is more common. Due to the structure of the resistance screen itself, it forms a completely isolated working environment without fear of dust and moisture. It can be touched with any object, can be used for writing and painting, and is more suitable for the industrial control field.

In addition to the common COM, HDMI, RJ45 network interfaces, USB, etc., there will also be some special interface applications, such as industrial terminals, aviation interfaces, etc. It is also critical whether the industrial all-in-one machine can meet the requirements.

Certainly, the above ponits are only the most basic options, and the consultation frequency is high. The installation mode, highlight screen, working temperature, storage temperature, anti-interference and consultation frequency are also high, and the system and software applications do not support such and such equipment.




Post time: Nov-22-2022

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