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Overturning traditional access control, imagining intelligence to help smart communities open new horizons

With the rapid development of high and new technologies, “smart communities” have become the focus of attention. How to build a smart community, improve the living environment, and make life more at ease, more worry-free, and more comfortable are the common goals people are looking for.

Smart community refers to a new concept of community management and a new model of social management innovation under the new situation. With the development of society and the improvement of people’s safety awareness, the access control system of the residential community has become one of the necessary safety facilities. Not only can it provide residents with a good living environment and enhance the security of the community, but also define the real estate as a reflection of “tall”.

When entering or leaving the community in your life, do you often encounter such situations: the magnetic stripe of the access control card fails, and the access control system cannot sense it? If the access control card is lost, re-installation will increase the cost, and hidden safety problems will become a problem. The password is difficult to remember, the input is wrong, the access control system is locked! Access control equipment is exposed to the sun all year round, and the machine equipment is prone to failure! The network link is unstable and the system functions cannot be sensed? Single function access control system, can not have alternatives?

Post time: Apr-24-2020

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