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Prospect of intelligent industry development

In recent years, industrial manufacturing has developed rapidly. According to authoritative statistics, the production of traditional manufacturing has recovered slowly. Coal mines, water and electricity industries and other energy industries have been greatly affected by the epidemic, while industrial robots, new energy vehicles, integrated circuits, microcomputers and other fields symbolizing high and new technology have also blossomed in an all-round way, ushering in rapid growth, becoming the focus of scientific innovation in 2022.


Digitization, intelligent factory, unmanned, industrial robot and automation became the high-frequency words of the year, and also became the important driving factors of industrial growth. The emergence of the epidemic accelerated the process of digitalization and intelligence of various industries.
According to the Report on the Status Quo and Development Trend of China's Digital Factory Market in 2022 released at the China Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Market Seminar, up to now, China's manufacturing industry has invested in more than 4000 digital workshop transformation projects. Smart factory projects with the characteristics of flexibility, agility and intelligence are developing in depth, and the market demand is gradually emerging. Under the guidance of the five-year policy direction in the new period, and due to the fact that foreign countries are still affected by the epidemic situation, China's intelligent manufacturing industry has ushered in a golden age of development.

Brilliant equipment manufacturing is the basis of industrial manufacturing. It provides equipment for simple production and expanded reproduction of various economic departments. The digitalization and intelligence of equipment manufacturing will fundamentally improve efficiency. Equipment manufacturing basically covers eight major industries of heavy industry, including metal products, general equipment manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, communication equipment, instrument, machine, culture and office machinery manufacturing, and metal products machinery and equipment repair.
Industrial robots are widely used in smart factories. The manufacturing of new energy vehicles has entered a new stage, which has also promoted the development of equipment manufacturing. Remote office and online education have also promoted the rapid development of mobile phones, computers, integrated circuits, and home appliances, which are the main application fields of upstream equipment manufacturing industries such as robots and high-end machine tools. The long industrial chain and rapid development have led to the common recovery of the entire industrial chain.
Many experts have predicted that China's economic growth will reach a higher level in 2023. The large-scale development of equipment manufacturing in 2022 has provided a prerequisite for the rapid development of industrial manufacturing.

Post time: Dec-02-2022

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