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Refuse workshop manufacturing information island, touch and control all-in-one machine through the full production of intelligent control five links!

Every industrial revolution brings a turning point in the global industry. From 1.0 to 4.0, the global industrial pattern is constantly reshuffling and changing. In the context of industry 4.0, countries have adopted their own strategic guidelines centering on the core principles of smart factory, smart production and smart logistics.


The domestic “Made in China 2025″ process is in full momentum. With the support of policies, the process of popularizing intelligence of domestic manufacturing has been implemented step by step. More and more intelligent manufacturing demonstration bases have been created, which also provide models for many domestic manufacturing enterprises.


Intelligent manufacturing


Based on the actual situation of domestic manufacturing, the industry is currently in a period of gradual integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and physical manufacturing. Most of the manufacturing industries still have a certain gap from the 4.0 intelligent factory and intelligent production standard, and the transformation of the industry requires a certain cycle time.


On the other hand, more and more manufacturing enterprises have gradually realized the importance of intelligent control. Coupled with the catalysis of the epidemic, the industry’s demand for intelligent control equipment is increasing day by day.


The production process


In the whole production process, including production planning, workshop manufacturing, production site visualization, industrial data collection, quality control, production management control and other general direction, subdivided production link is more complex and diverse.


Then, in the whole production process, the realization of intelligent control in many links, touch and control all-in-one machine is an essential equipment.This paper will take the practical application of touch-based intelligence as an example to analyze which main production links can be used for the all-production intelligent control and which application demand points the users have.


01 Production schedule


Smart factory produces scheduling Kanban solutions


In many intelligent applications of factories, Kanban is one of the important equipment for production guidance. After the production planning department formulates the schedule, the specific product production quantity, process flow and standard can be transmitted to Kanban display in real time, and can be synchronized to the next workshop to manufacture MES control system.


Industrial display


In touch with the actual factory kanban case, the use of pre-installed Win10 operating system industrial all-in-one machine;Due to the huge amount of production data, the application of production scheduling Kanban ALL-in-one machine needs to be configured and upgraded to I5 chip, 8G memory, 1T hard disk high configuration scheme, running at top speed without delay.


At the same time, based on the diversity of kanban types in the factory, the installation method needs to be more flexible;In touch mode, Kanban users tend to choose an all-in-one machine with capacitive touch screen.The requirement on interface application is not high, basic interface configuration is enough.

Post time: Jul-02-2020

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