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Self-check method of industrial computer not starting

Industrial PCs are mainly used in various industrial sites related to production and manufacturing, such as continuous production, batch manufacturing and batch processing. They are characterized by reliability and stability, with a low probability of product problems. However, in the face of different industrial sites, the industrial computer may be in a very complex environment, such as dust, high-frequency vibration, ultra-high temperature, etc., which may damage the industrial computer. In addition, human factors will also make the industrial computer unable to use normally.

How should I self-check if the industrial computer cannot be started? The following we will explain the specific method to you, hope it's workable for you.

1. There is no response when the industrial computer starts, the indicator light of the industrial motherboard does not light up, and the power supply fan does not rotate.
1. First, check whether the power supply of the industrial computer is normal.​​
2. If the AC input is normal, consider whether the power supply of the industrial computer is faulty. At this point, the ATX power connector and the large 4P connector powered by the CPU should be removed, and the green and black wires of the ATX power connector should be short-circuited using tweezers or a wire. See if the power supply can work properly at this time. If the power supply fan is working properly at this point, there is no problem with the power supply itself. At this point, the case of industrial motherboards should be considered. It is necessary to remove all redundant card USB devices on the industrial motherboard, leaving only the most basic devices to see if the industrial computer can operate.​​
3. If the industrial computer still cannot work normally, remove the industrial mainboard to check whether there is a short circuit or burnout.​​
2. After the industrial computer is turned on, the fan runs normally, but cannot start normally.
1. When the industrial computer is turned on, the basic input output system alarm will appear. This situation is the most common. The specific situation can be handled by referring to the meaning of the alarm sound of various types of basic input and output systems.​​
2. When the industrial computer is turned on, there is no alarm sound, the central processing unit fan rotates for a while, then stops, and so on. Consider a power supply problem to the CPU or a loose CPU. 3. When the industrial computer starts up, the display screen always stays on the initial basic input and output system initialization startup interface, and the next step cannot be performed. At this point, take a look at the outer part. Whether the USB flash drive and other USB devices are inserted is mainly a question of the basic input output system. When the relevant USB device is removed and restarted, the industrial computer can run normally. It is recommended to update the basic input output system to fix this glitch.​​
4. If there is no alarm sound after the industrial computer is turned on, the central processing unit fan is running normally, but cannot be initialized normally, the minimum system method should be used to analyze whether there are accessories on the industrial motherboard that cause a short circuit or the motherboard is burned out.

Post time: May-13-2022

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