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The reason why the screen of the touch all-in-one computer selects the industrial screen

The touch all-in-one machine is a computer that integrates the display screen and the host computer. As an important component of the display content of the industrial all-in-one PC, the choice of the display screen is very important. It is related to the user's experience and evaluation of the product, and ultimately affects whether the user chooses to buy the product.

Many customers do not have in-depth understanding of the display screen of the touch all-in-one PC when they purchase the touch all-in-one machine. They do not know what kind of LCD screen is used in it, which kind of LCD screen has higher definition, more stable performance and longevity. Longer, and often the products I bought back in this way are not satisfactory to me.

At present, LCD screens on the market are mainly refered to soft screens and industrial screens. What's the difference between them? Now let's analyze.

The soft screen is called a home-grade soft screen. When you swipe the screen or touch the screen with your finger, there will be ripples, which has a lingering feeling. The high-definition screen only performs best in static conditions; the viewing angle is only 170 degrees, the overall pigment is relatively poor, the color tone is reddish, the image and video display is unstable, and there are afterimages and smears, which directly affect the user's visual experience; screen display The response speed can generally only reach 8MS, which is still relatively slow.

In a word, the soft screen technology is relatively general, with short life and low production cost. It is suitable for use on home TVs, but rarely used for commercial and industrial purposes.

Industrial screen, as the name implies, refers to industrial display screen. They are characterized by the use of a horizontally arranged liquid crystal molecular structure. When subjected to external pressure, the molecules of the hard screen recover quickly. When touched, the display screen can basically remain unchanged.
The definition of the industrial screen is the same whether it is dynamic or static. The definition of the industrial screen is 25% higher than that of the soft screen, and the viewing angle from left to right, up and down reaches 178 degrees. In terms of dynamic definition, color restoration accuracy, visual angle, etc., the industrial screen has great advantages. Compared with the traditional soft screen liquid crystal, the industrial screen has a stable liquid crystal molecular arrangement structure, and the display response speed is faster, reaching 4MS.
The industrial screen has super expressive power in dynamic definition, completely eliminating the blurring and water ripple diffusion phenomenon of the soft screen LCD when it is subjected to external pressure and shaking. There is no residue and trailing phenomenon when playing the extreme speed pictures, and the user experience will be better.
Most of the touch all-in-one machines are mainly used in commercial and industrial environments, and need to be powered on for a long time. Therefore, the industrial screen is most suitable for installing on the touch all-in-one PC.

Post time: Sep-21-2022

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