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The second-generation industrial all-in-one machine

The second-generation industrial all-in-one machine has the following characteristics, which can match the needs of industrial production applications:
industrial panel pc
1. The embedded installation method meets the needs of fitting installation, has a high degree of matching with the integrated equipment, and has a high degree of beauty

2. Equipped with Windows system, the page is simple, easy to navigate and set, easy to control and browse

3. A variety of interface designs, upgraded industrial terminals, standard USB, Ethernet port, wireless WIFI, multiple devices can be connected

4. Stable performance, low power consumption, 12-36V wide voltage design, EMI/EMC anti-electromagnetic interference standards to avoid failures that lead to the failure of extraction and purification

5. Self-starting after power-on, reducing operating procedures and higher efficiency

Post time: Sep-27-2021

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