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Types of Mobile Data Terminal computers

What types of on-board computers are there?

1. Headrest type on-board computer
The headrest type in-vehicle computer adopts the form of embedded in the headrest of the seat. Putting down its keyboard, it looks like a laptop is fixed behind the headrest. It uses a touch screen. When you need to select a menu, you can click and control with your finger. If you want to perform normal office file operations or Internet browsing, you can put down the keyboard. The operation method is no different from ordinary notebooks. Since the product uses a low-voltage automotive dedicated CPU, it can be powered directly from the car battery. In addition to the full set of office software for OFFICE headrest type car computers including WORD, POWERPOINT, EXCEL, etc., there are also computer software commonly used by Daxing to choose from.

2. Portable on-board computer
A portable on-board computer is a kind of on-board computer that looks like a navigator but is slightly larger than the navigator. This kind of computer can provide touch-type WindowCE5.0 operating system, support usbCDMA wireless network card to surf the Internet, even when the wireless network card is not used, it can also enter the familiar Windows operation interface that people are familiar with daily to carry out simple document operations. Its other functions, in addition to being a basic MP3, MP4 player, navigator, also include Bluetooth, built-in 5.0Mpixels camera and other functions.
The portable on-board computer is mainly aimed at users who want to be able to surf the Internet at any time in the car, but do not have high requirements for the operation interface, just simply browse information, rather than perform document processing and complex operations in the car for a long time. After all, it plays a convenient and emergency use function, and it still has great limitations for realizing online office in the car.

3. Dedicated on-board computer
Dedicated on-board computer is an on-board computer specially designed for a certain vehicle type. The dedicated on-board computer can realize all home computer functions, support in-car Internet access, audio-visual entertainment, GPS positioning, voice navigation, games, telephone and other functions, and can also realize specific functions such as visual reversing and fault detection.

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Post time: Jul-17-2021

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