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What are the troubleshooting methods for embedded industrial computer disk work?

What are the troubleshooting methods for the disk work of the embedded industrial computer? After long-term operation of the embedded industrial computer, a lot of dust will accumulate in the chassis. Long-term accumulation without cleaning will cause the chassis temperature to become higher. This affects the normal operation of the machine, especially when the power supply is insufficient or emergency shutdown is required, the control system is prone to failures such as disk failure to start, system unable to load, and long-term login screen.

First, the problem caused by the working environment:

Due to the needs of normal production, the industrial control system of some factories needs to work for a long time, which brings a huge test to the industrial computer operating system. After the embedded IPC has been running for a long time, a large amount of dust has accumulated in the chassis and the chassis temperature is high. Normally, everything works normally without shutting down. Once the power supply is insufficient or emergency shutdown is required, the control system is prone to failures such as disk failure to start, system unable to load, and long-term login screen.

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Second, fault analysis and troubleshooting methods:

There are many reasons for the disk failure. The editor here is roughly divided into the quality problems of the industrial computer disk itself and the failure problems caused by the working environment.

The quality of the disk itself cannot be investigated in depth. Only when we start to do the control system, we choose to buy hard disks with better quality and better brand. We can also use Scandisk, Norton Disk Doctor and other software to detect disk surface defects. If we can predict the quality and health status of the hard disk, this will win time for us to select the hard disk and back up important data. I want to equip you with a more stable solid-state disk to make the hard disk run faster.

Third, the fault problems caused by the working environment, the following are common:

1. The embedded industrial computer has a long working time. Due to the needs of normal production, the industrial control system of some factories needs to work for a long time, which brings a huge test to the industrial computer operating system. However, from the actual operation, after running for more than a week, the disk will accumulate a large amount of data fragments during the huge data exchange process, which is likely to cause disk logical bad sectors, read and write errors, and slow system operation and startup. Therefore, the industrial control computer can restart the industrial control computer and disk defragmentation regularly when production permits, in order to reduce the disk errors caused by long working hours. The restart time can be determined according to the amount of data processed by the industrial computer and the production situation. It is not rigid and requires the reader to explore slowly. From the author’s actual experience, restarting and sorting an industrial control computer within a standard month (30 days) can reduce the probability of disk errors.

2. The internal temperature of the embedded industrial computer is too high. In an environment that requires long-term high-temperature operation, the frequency of computer components prone to aging and hard disk failure also increases. This requires the factory’s automation system maintenance personnel to pay close attention to the chassis temperature during daily inspections, and try to keep the temperature of the industrial control computer between 10–30 degrees Celsius. Excessively high and low temperatures are not suitable for hard disk protection. If the chassis temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius, the internal hard drive temperature will reach 40 degrees or higher. We can simply DIY our industrial computer to reduce the ambient temperature.

First, replace the high-power CPU and hard disk fan to accelerate heat dissipation;

Second, install a fan that draws the air outside the chassis inside the chassis to increase air convection;

Third, install a small axial fan on the cabinet where the industrial computer is placed;

Fourth, install air conditioning in the control room to reduce the space temperature.

1. There are many inhalable particles in the air. Most of the raw materials in many factories need to be processed with powder. In addition, the outside air flow is large and there is a lot of sand and dust. It is easy to accumulate a large amount of sticky dust in the industrial control machine, causing the local temperature in the industrial control machine to be too high and causing hardware damage. This situation occurs more frequently around cooling fans such as CPUs, power supplies, hard drives, and graphics cards. In places where the dust accumulation is relatively light, regular dust blowing can be used when normal production permits. In places where dust accumulation is serious, dust filter gauze can be placed in the ventilation part of the industrial control cabinet and cleaned regularly.

2. The ground has a large shock. Many factories require motors to produce physical displacements such as drag and vibration, which not only bring huge noise, but the vibration caused by the machine will cause huge damage to the industrial computer disk, optical drive, and floppy drive. The process of disk production is getting higher and higher, and the current speed has reached 7200 revolutions per second or even higher. In the large amount of data exchange in the automatic control system, the long-time and high-speed disks are prone to be affected by the disk vibration, resulting in a decline in disk read and write capabilities, slow head positioning, and even damage to the disk; therefore reducing the environmental shock of the industrial computer is beneficial Protect the disk. In engineering design, we can keep the industrial control machine away from the work site with a large source of vibration as much as possible; if the work place cannot be changed, we can also place sponges and cushionable objects under the industrial control cabinet and cabinet to reduce the vibration. Hazards.

3. The power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, and it is easy to lose power. With the rapid development of industry and life, the demand for electricity is also increasing. In many areas, there are insufficient power supply, unstable voltage, and easy power outages. Unstable voltage and sudden power failure cause the system to restart frequently, and system files are also prone to be lost and unable to start normally; the magnetic heads that are performing read and write operations sometimes cause the computer disk failure due to the inaccurate head return. Therefore, the stability of the working environment power supply of the industrial control machine is related to whether the industrial control machine works normally or not. We can use voltage-stabilized power supply and UPS uninterruptible power supply for protection. The specific equipment selection depends on the load power and the working time.

4. The environment humidity is not suitable. The embedded industrial computer is mainly composed of integrated circuits of many electronic components, and its insulation performance has a great relationship with the environmental humidity. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to cause the circuit board to be short-circuited and burned; if the humidity is too low, it is easy to generate static electricity, and it will also breakdown some electronic components. Therefore, if the humidity is too high or too low, it will bring a potential threat to the industrial computer. The problem of electrostatic protection requires us to have a good instrument grounding on the industrial control machine. It is worth noting that the grounding of the industrial computer is different from the lightning protection grounding on the civil engineering. The location of the grounding should be three meters away from the control room. ∮20 galvanized angle steel is used for vertical grounding at 1700mm under the outdoor floor. The grounding resistance is less than 1 ohm, and then use 40 * 40 * 4 galvanized flat steel to reliably weld the grounding body, and divide it into the building and connect 25mm copper cable to the system ground terminal and the industrial computer grounding point. This can effectively reduce the harm caused by static electricity.

The above is a brief introduction to the introduction of the methods for troubleshooting the disk work of the embedded industrial computer. I hope everyone can buy the appropriate industrial computer when buying the embedded industrial computer, which will bring more benefits to the enterprise. ,Achieve win-win.

Post time: May-25-2020

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