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Will the touch screen be replaced by the robot’s voice interaction function?

The interaction between humans and machines has gone through several stages: from the beginning of the keyboard, to the appearance of the mouse, and then from the keyboard and mouse to the touch screen, and then from the touch screen to the new voice interaction. This is innovation again and again, and it is also step by step. Increase the emotional connection and shorten the distance between the two sides of the interaction, and the interaction between people is mostly in voice interaction. The evolution of human-computer interaction is also an increasingly ideal way of realization.

The development of human-computer interaction technology has accelerated the rise of related industries. For example, with the rapid development of smart homes, voice interaction appears to be quite smart. And voice interaction has gradually become an increasingly popular way of human-computer interaction. With the development of natural language processing and speech recognition, whether it is a commercial robot or a home robot, voice interaction seems to be a standard feature. When you use voice to interact with a machine, it must be more humane than other interactive methods such as keyboard and mouse; then is voice interaction ideal?

Many people are very optimistic about voice interaction, and the way of human-computer interaction is a sequential substitution relationship. The touch screen cannot replace the keyboard and mouse, and the voice interaction will not replace the capacitive touch screen. I can only say that it is more ideal. Science and technology are people-oriented, and the ideal way to achieve it should be based on the various senses of the person and the physical conditions of the specific experiencer. Compared with the previous two generations of interaction, voice recognition technology is indeed an intimate interaction method that meets the characteristics of human nature. It is different from the cold feeling of keyboard and mouse, and it is also different from the toughness and lack of warmth of touch interaction. Voice interaction itself is based on The interaction of body, emotion, information and scene. However, this is also true. Simply giving orders is certainly not the ultimate goal of voice interaction. Real interaction is even better. Therefore, the voice interaction function still has a long way to go.

Post time: Sep-15-2021

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